COOPCOM is a series of trainings dedicated to the conception of collaborative, intercultural and sustainable Erasmus+ projects.

The purpose of this website is to relate the different steps of the COOPCOM development.

Thanks to a micro innovative project granted in 2011-2012 by the Social European Funds and the PACA Regional Council, the Graphistes de l’Ombre npo (GO-ercn) conducted a market research to study good practices, methods and regulations about fair, sustainable and intercultural approaches valuable in collaborative projects.

GO-ercn experimented these methods between 2013 and 2017 :

  • locally through the workshops “About… live differently”, applied in thirty primary schools of Marseille
  • in several French German exchanges granted by the French German Youth Office, like the cycles “Euro Actors For Environment” and “Insel Der Chancen”
  • in several Erasmus projects, like “Green Bridges” or “Enough For Everyone, For Ever”

We reached then the point where we felt like sharing the results of these experiences in two mobilities of youth workers, COOPCOM REFUGEES (2018-2019) and COOPCOM SENIORS (2019-2020).

Several other field topics are submitted or in preparation, dealing with social entrepreneurship, sustainability or handicap.